Dips Fan Day

Dips Fan Day

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dips Mini Reunion

DC United played the last soccer match held in RFK Stadium on Sunday, October 22. The club was able to reach several Diplomat alumni and invited them to play in the Legends Match, which mainly featured former DC United players, before the main event.

Former Diplomats Roy Willner (1974-78) and Alan Ross (1974-75) participated in the game, while Gene Mishalow (1977-78), Brian Pillinger (1974-75) and Kurt Kuykendall (1974) attended the festivities.

Lindsay Simpson, DC United's Director of Media and Communications, stated the club is tentatively planning a tribute to the original Diplomats sometime during the 2018 season at their new home, Audi Field.

Roy Willner, left, Freddy Adu, Brian Pillinger.

From left: Roy Willner, Alan Ross, Gene Mishalow, Brian Pillinger, John Harkes.

Gene Mishalow reminds Ross and Willner how the game works.

Ross aggravated his right hamstring, Willner his left Achilles tendon. 

Dips gracing the RFK sideline once again.

Sherry & Kurt Kuykendall, Willner, Ross, Mishalow.