Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Jim Reed School of Cool was established sometime in the late 1970s for those who wanted to emulate that wise cracking, C- poster child, yours truely. Essential to the wardrobe portion of instruction was atleast one piece of Dips wear from the 1979 ticket brochure.

While I'm not certain what articles of clothing came from what year, for these give aways were an annual ritual, I know I had the tube socks, shorts, t-shirt jersey, gym bag and atleast two of those rubberized Adidas replica balls. Unofrtunately, I've lost these momentoes over the past thirty some years.

It would be six years after the original Dips ceased operations that I would obtain my first true game worn jersey. However, I treasured those giveaways then as much as I do my gamer collection now.

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