Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Melee over Pele

I saw Pele's final regular season NASL game as a 12 year old. The Cosmos, who had defeated the Dips, 8-2, less than 10 days prior did not dress Georgio Chinaglia or Franz Beckenbauer. My most vivid memory from that match came in the final seconds as a mass of humanity descended on the great one in hopes of claiming his jersey.

He zigged, then zagged, shaked and baked, sending the jersey in one direction as he dashed in the other. Two Diplomats ended on top of the jersey, and each other. The real story would be how they resolved who would retain possession of the prize.

I am still learning the video editor software I bought a few months back, and apologize for the delayed beginning of the clip. Move to the 33 second mark to see the incident.

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  1. Jim,
    just curious, who was your fav player on the dips?