Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Age Old Football Controversy

With the World Cup ready to start in just a few weeks, the word “flop” will interject itself into the sport’s fan vocabulary just as it does every four years when the beautiful game takes the world stage. Pub patrons all over creation will scrutinize and debate every time a player hits the turf. How much is true pain and how much is true drama most usually is only known by the player/actor.
There is little doubt regarding the credibility of the California Surf’s Laurie Abrahams tumble against Bob Iaruschi and the Diplomats the evening of Sunday, July 22, 1979. According to Iaruschi, Abrahams admitted to the dive, a.k.a. flop, and Surf coach Peter Wall made no attempt to hide the smile Abraham’s theatrics gave him.
Oscar winner Abrahams pursued by Dips defense. Photo courtesy NASLJerseys.com


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