Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Danzansky Collection

WashingtonDiplomats.Blogspot is proud to announce it is the new home of, and archivist for, the Danzansky Collection of team records and memorabilia from Mr. Stephen Danzansky. Mr. Danzansky served as President and CEO of the Washington Diplomats from 1975 until the team's dissolution in December, 1980.

In the resolution of appointment, Mr. Danzansky stated he, "desires to publish and make more publicly available the collection of artifacts and information in his possession and provide a more open and accessible vehicle and agent for the maintenance and dissemination of information concerning (the) Diplomats."

Resolution of Appointment and Agreement 

Pieces from the collection:
The only competitive trophy awarded to the franchise in their history, from the 1978 Presidents Cup, Seoul, Korea.

Johan Cruyff Match Jersey.

Circa 1977/1978 team warm up suit.

1977 D.C. City Council Resolution honoring the Diplomats.
Press Archive.
WashingtonDiplomats.Blogspot gratefully thanks Mr. Danzansky for his generosity in keeping this chapter of Washington, D.C. sports history alive and available.


  1. Great look into Americas soccer past. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Went to many many games with my dad in the late 70's and through the 80's.We continued to go to games when the Diplomats ceased and Team USA of the NASCAR played at RFK. I remember going to the soccer bowl at RFK one year. My dad made scrapbooks for each year filled with our ticket stubs, articles from the Washington Post and pictures we took. These are prized possessions of mine and seeing your blog brought many great memories back. I also have the "Kick" programs from each of the home games and the poster that was given away when the Beach Boys played a concert after the game. I think that was Team USA though. Anyhow, love the blog, really nice job, R Morton

  3. Hate auto correct NASCAR is NASL